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VACMED 12 is an IVD device, designed for seal biospecimens with Vacuum Technology and Protective Modified Atmosphere, into special IVD certified bags.

VACMED 12 allows different operating modes, perfect both for operating theaters and pathology labs needs.

The small footprint, allows you to put vac med 12 under the Pathology Workstations, for a complete FORMALIN FREE workflow

Intended use:

– Formaldehyde storage for fixed biospecimens into pathological anatomy unit, whether space saving is required (vacuum technology)

– Formalin-free conservation of biological samples into the operating theatres, in order to send them to pathology labs. (vacuum + protective Modified atmosphere to preserve biospecimens morphology, during the pre-diagnosis phase)

– Made entirely out of AISI 304 Scotch Brite stainless steel.

– Preserving and sealing samples inside buckets or bags with vacuum technology + Protective Modified atmosphere. By using a special pharma, gas mixture allows the inhibition of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. This ensures the perfect conservation of biospecimens without formalin.

– The widest choice of different bags on the market. VACMED 12 allows to use standard or stand-up bags for vacuum or Protective Modified Atmosphere storage.

-“EVC” system (Electronic vacuum control) electronic sensor that guarantees the best vacuum and gas performance (according to weather / temperature / altitude).

– HEPA filters and charcoal filters for stand-alone operability. Fume extraction option, for a longer filter duration.

– LED electronic board with 9 storable programs.

– 9-level extra-vacuum for liquid-rich products.

– Double sealing plate for perfectly sealed bags