COMBIFILL is specialized in designing and manufacturing high technology solutions for the storage of histological specimens, in order to guarantee the best solutions for pathologist diagnosis, without any compromise and respecting the strict law regulations to conserve specimens in formalin.

Our goal is to be recognized, as one of the most innovative players in Health Care Sector.

Since the very beginning of our establishment, we have been driven by our mission :Innovative by choice“. We can now proudly affirm that all the patents and inventions created, have put the bases for a Company with a bright future.

We truly believe that people are the most important component of our success. We always try to attract talented people, who want to give their commitment to increase the company success. 

We appreciate who are result oriented and able to satisfy our customer and partners requests. As we are looking for our human resources growth, we strive to work appropriately to ensure to the staff a balance between their career, financial and personal objectives.

We apply the most updated model of organization, because we are convinced that we are going to be better than our competitors. This only will be possible with the talent acquisition policy that we put on.

Patient First

Let's the Pathologist make a proper diagnosis

Patient First

We developed our patented technology by keeping in mind that our solution can have an absolutely positive effect on the quality of diagnosis. Is that why our main goal is: “Let's the Pathologist make a proper diagnosis

Safety First

We are very careful to the users safety

Safety First

We combine the most advanced technology to dose formalin for correct diagnosis. This will be done by protecting users, making their life safer and easier.

Grown YOUR Potential

Ensure client future: yes we can!

Grow your potential

We want to be successful and properly pay back our investors. We are in market that has to be covered in the best way possible: we always try to assure the most advanced technologies to our clients.